A large kind of activities


Ocean Safaris – Dolphins and whales

Ocean safaris are organised to meet with the dolphins and the humpack whales. Of course this cannot be guaranteed but if you are lucky the experience is just… Unforgettable!

Sea kayaking

You can borrow one of the three free access kayaks (one being double) available at the lodge for a great ride around the peninsula! The silence in the mangroves is even more impressive in a kayak. Kayaking at sunset is just stunning.

Pic-nics on a private bright white beach

Don’t hesitate to ask Amelda and Hugo for a pic-nic, to spend the day on a white sandy beach situated at walking distance from the lodge. Turtle beach can be seen from Pemba and it is so white that most visitors spot it and envy spending some time there! other small coves are also accessible for romantic moments. Don’t hesitate to bring snorkeling equipment along to profit from the marvelous coral reefs running all around the peninsula…

Water Skiing and tube pulling

What can be more fun than water skiing at sunset, on the flat-calm water of the bay! Just ask Riaan for either initiation on bi-skis or mono-ski if you are more skilled. Tube pulling is absolute great fun. Try with two tubes, it is even more fun!

Hiking trails

The peninsula offers many hiking trails around lodge: Go and visit the fishermen’s village; have a look at the vey end of the peninsula where you can discover the old light house; spend time at turtle beach with its bright white sand and amazing coral shapes; Look for the biggest baobab tree…

Snorkel trips

Boat trips are organised on the nearby coral reefs for an unforgettable snorkeling experience on untouched corals and if lucky with dolphins or humpback whales. Snorkeling is also possible right off the lodge’s entrance! Equipment is available for free at the lodge.

Visit to the mangroves

Just change of world. A tour in the fabulous mangroves by boat a couple of minutes away from the lodge is simply waoooohhh… After having passed the fishermen village and its huge baobab you will feel like in the deep amazonian forest with roots, trees and shrubs surrounding the boat.

Scuba diving

Pemba is a paradise for lovers of marine life. The reefs offer some of the most spectacular snorkeling and diving in the world.

With just a few guests at Pemba Arti Lodge at a time, you will be the only people snorkeling and diving here and as a result the plethora of sea life on view is spectacular.

We have a great variety of dive sites that we can dive on depending on the weather conditions. They vary from reefs close to the shore to walls dropping down to more than 40 m.

The reefs consist of an incredible variety of soft and hard corals as well as pelagic Indian Ocean reef fish varying from lion fish, scorpion fish, stone fish, moray eels, Napoleon wrasse, rare leaf fish species of many different colors, sea turtles, resident potato basses to a large variety of coral fish.

You can also experience great wall dives and coral pinnacles rising from the bottom of the ocean up to 25 meters, depending on your diving qualification.

Pemba Arti Lodge has a fully equipped dive center, with a well experienced dive master.

Spear fishing

It is defined as “the catching or taking of a fish through the instrumentality of a hand or mechanically propelled, single or multi-pronged spear or lance, barbed or bar bless, operated by a person swimming at or below the surface of the water.”

Shallow reefs close to the shore with drop offs into deep water, make this popular hunting waters for king fish, barracuda, yellow fin tuna and GTs.